Frank Bedu-Addo, Ph.D.

Dr. Bedu-Addo, one of the founders of PDS, has served as a director, president, and CEO of PDS since its inception in 2005. Dr. Bedu-Addo is a veteran biotech executive with experience successfully starting and growing biotechnology organizations. He has been responsible for the development and implementation of both operational and drug development strategies, supervising and managing both large organizations and emerging biotechnology companies. Dr. Bedu-Addo was a founding and senior executive at KBI BioPharma, Inc. As Vice President of Drug Development, he oversaw all business and drug development operations. Before his tenure at KBI, he successfully started and managed Cardinal Health’s East Coast biotechnology drug development operations. Prior to Cardinal Health, Dr. Bedu-Addo was an Associate Director at Akzo-Nobel, Senior Scientist at Elan (The Liposome Co.), and Principal Scientist at Schering-Plough. In these positions, he contributed to the development of numerous drugs, including antiviral and anticancer products. Dr. Bedu-Addo obtained his M.S. in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Pittsburgh. The board of directors of PDS and Edge believe that Dr. Bedu-Addo’s perspective and experience as PDS’s President and CEO, as well as his depth of operating and senior management experience in the pharmaceuticals industry and educational background, provide him with the qualifications and abilities to serve as a director.