Gregory Freitag

Mr. Freitag has served on PDS’s board of directors since December 2014. Mr. Freitag currently serves as the General Counsel and a member of the board of directors of AxoGen, Inc. (NASDAQ: AXGN) and previously served as its Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Business Development. AxoGen, Inc. is a leading regenerative medicine company dedicated to peripheral nerve repair. Mr. Freitag was Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and a board member from June 2010 through September 2011 of LecTec Corporation, an intellectual property licensing and holding company that merged with AxoGen in September 2011. Mr. Freitag is a principal of FreiMc, LLC, a health care and life science consulting and advisory firm he founded that provides strategic guidance and business development services. Prior to founding FreiMc, Mr. Freitag was a Director of Business Development at Pfizer Health Solutions, a former subsidiary of Pfizer, Inc. and worked for Guidant Corporation in their business development group. Prior to Guidant Corporation, Mr. Freitag was the Chief Executive Officer of HTS Biosystems, a biotechnology tools start-up company and was the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel of Quantech, Ltd. Prior to Quantech, Mr. Freitag practiced corporate law in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Freitag is also a director of the Foundation Board of HealthEast Care System, a health care system in Minnesota. The board of directors of PDS believe that Mr. Freitag’s leadership, legal, and accounting experiences and knowledge, as well as his familiarity with the pharmaceutical industry and PDS, provide him with the qualifications and skills to serve as a director.