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PDS Biotech was established with the goal of addressing some of the limitations of cancer immunotherapy, including the ability to train the immune system to effectively induce adequate numbers of powerful disease-attacking CD8+ killer T-cells, and to overcome the tumor’s ability to evade or suppress T-cell attack. This followed the discovery that certain positively charged cationic lipids can activate the immune system. Scientists at PDS Biotech subsequently engineered the proprietary cationic, lipid-based Versamune® nanoparticle platform technology. In preclinical studies, when combined with cancer-specific proteins called antigens, Versamune® successfully and efficiently induced the body to produce targeted killer T-cells against cancer resulting in rapid and sustained tumor eradication. PDS0101, our lead Versamune®-based product, is currently being studied in proof-of-concept phase 2 human clinical trials in multiple HPV-associated cancers.

PDS Biotech is committed to developing novel and effective therapies based on the Versamune® platform to save and improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide. We are also committed to developing safer and more powerful infectious disease vaccines based on our InfectimuneTM platform to safely provide robust and durable protection against selected deadly infectious diseases.

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