PDS0102 combines the utility of the Versamune® platform with the proprietary T-cell receptor gamma alternate reading frame protein (TARP), a tumor antigen identified by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) which is strongly associated with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), breast and prostate cancers. Approximately 470,000 patients are projected to be diagnosed with AML, prostate, or breast cancer this year, most of which are associated with TARP.



AML (19,970)


Group 74


Prostate Cancer (174,650)


Group 77


Breast Cancer (271,270)


Group 77

 Populations for PDS0102



In a human clinical trial, the NCI demonstrated that its proprietary TARP antigen was effectively recognized by the immune system in prostate cancer patients with PSA biochemical recurrence, leading to a notable reduction in tumor growth rate.  When combined with Versamune® in preclinical studies, PDS0102 demonstrated a dramatically enhanced TARP-specific killer T-cell response. 

PDS Biotech is finalizing preclinical work on PDS0102 and is preparing to advance the compound into clinical testing.

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