Platform Technologies

PDS Biotech aims to advance and expand its proprietary pipeline programs independently or in collaboration with renowned research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Key commercial partners:

merck nih

Strategic Research Collaborations with:

NCI Stacked COLOR nih nih niaid mayo

PDS Biotech is dedicated to maximizing the full potential of the Versamune® platform in oncology and the Infectimune™ platform in infectious diseases.

Versamune® is a proprietary T-cell activating platform technology which induces a strong immune response in combination with tailored antigens to more effectively fight disease.

Infectimune™ is a proprietary T-cell immune activating platform technology designed to train the immune system to better protect against disease.

We are open to strategic partnerships which reflect the value-creating potential of Versamune® and Infectimune™ to provide performance-related downstream revenues, while preserving future growth opportunities for PDS Biotech.

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