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About Versamune®

Versamune® is a proprietary T-cell activating platform technology designed to train the immune system to better protect and fight against disease. Versamune® delivers a powerful in vivo killer (CD8+) T-cell response with minimal side effects and is engineered for simplicity and ease of administration.

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Versamune®, when combined with unique proteins or peptides that are specific to the cancer (antigens), is demonstrated to:

 Group 147

Induce disease targeting T-cells, including a highly potent type of T-cell called a CD8+ or killer T-cell, that is effective in attacking cancer

Group 148 

Promote both a large quantity and high quality of tumor-specific killer and helper T-cells, tailored to infiltrate and attack cancer

 Group 144

Deliver a powerful immune response associated with regression of cancer

 Group 161

Deliver efficacy with minimal side effects – to date limited to transient injection site reactions without triggering more severe systemic side effects

Group 149 

Substantially improve the activity of other proven cancer-fighting technologies – e.g. checkpoint inhibiters and cytokine-based therapies – when administered in combination with our Versamune®-based therapies


The Versamune® platform is comprised of structure specific positively charged (cationic) lipids co-administered with custom-designed antigens specific to the types of cancer of interest. These combinations, delivered via simple subcutaneous injection, have proven to stimulate the activation of multiple critical immunologic pathways associated with effective T-cell induction and increased cancer-fighting activity.

Versamune® is based on the R-enantiomer of 1,2-dioleoyl-e-trimethyl-ammonium-propane (R-DOTAP), a cationic lipid. The lipid spontaneously assembles into nanoparticles in a water-based medium and is sized to mimic an artificial virus. This promotes efficient uptake by dendritic cells. Versamune® has been demonstrated to promote cross-presentation of the antigen to both CD4+ helper and CD8+ killer T-cells. Versamune® has also been proven to activate the Type I Interferon pathway, leading to superior recruitment and priming of highly potent, polyfunctional, T-cells.


Versamune® has been shown to induce a significantly higher quantity and quality of highly potent (polyfunctional) killer T-cells, a specific sub-type of killer T-cell that is more powerful at attacking cancer.

By promoting the induction of the right type of killer T-cell, with strong potency and in the right quantity, Versamune® results in more effective cancer treatments when compared to other technologies. Versamune®-based products demonstrate impressive efficacy when used alone in specific types of cancer. However, when the powerful immune response of Versamune® is added to proven checkpoint inhibitor therapies, which help “unmask” cancer tumors, the two technologies have been demonstrated in early studies to work synergistically to attack and destroy cancer cells more effectively than either alone.

Versamune® offers a favorable safety profile:

  • Side effects limited predominantly to transient injection site reactions
  • No dose limiting side effects observed to date
  • No long-term safety concerns
  • Versamune® avoids potentially systemic toxicities associated with most other cancer fighting technologies, such as chemotherapies, CAR-T cells, and other immuno-oncology agents. The safety profile of Versamune®-based products offers great potential for combination with both proven and new cancer therapies.

Versamune® is engineered for simplicity and ease of administration. Versamune® is delivered together with proprietary antigens tailored for specific cancers. Versamune®-based immunotherapies are injected subcutaneously.

Versamune®-based cancer immunotherapies are easily manufactured and highly stable.

PDS Biotech’s currently holds several patents in major markets, including US, Europe and Japan, providing multiple layers of technology and product protection through at least the mid-2030s.


Versamune®: A New Generation of Cancer Immunotherapies

White Paper

A Simplified Overview of How the Versamune® Platform Overcomes Key Limitations of Immuno-Oncology


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