Ushering in a new generation of vaccines - simpler, safer and more effective.
February 11, 2014: PDS Biotechnology Announces Treatment of First Patient with PDS0101. The first patient has been successfully vaccinated with the PDS0101 cancer immunotherapy in a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.
November 1, 2013: PDS Biotechnology Initiates Phase 1 Human Clinical Trials for PDS0101. PDS has initiated patient recruitment for its HPV cancer immunotherapy. The trial is being performed at 3 sites in the continental US. The product is based on the company’s novel Versamune™ nanotechnology, which was shown in preclinical studies to be very safe and effective in treating cancer.
April 16, 2013: Novel Cancer Immunotherapy Set To Enter Clinical Trials. PDS Biotechnology Corporation today presented a summary of the company’s preclinical data on its lead cancer immunotherapy PDS0101 at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC.
April 2013: PDS CEO to present at World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC. Dr. Bedu-Addo will be giving a presentation at the congress in Washington DC addressing the novel Versamune™ technology, mechanism of action and products in development. The presentation will be at 5:20pm on Day 1 (Track C – Biotech Showcase) of the congress, April 16, 2013.
April 2013: PDS Granted IND Approval to Evaluate PDS0101 in Human Clinical Trials. The FDA has accepted PDS’s IND application to begin clinical evaluation of its first-in-class nanoparticle cancer immunotherapy.
June 2012: PDS grants Merck KGaA license to utilize Versamune™ in cancer vaccines. PDS granted Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, an exclusive worldwide license to utilize PDS’s novel Versamune™ nanotechnology platform in two of Merck’s investigational antigen-specific cancer immunotherapies.

Welcome to PDS Biotechnology Corporation

PDS Biotechnology is a biopharmaceutical company developing the next-generation of simpler, safer and more effective treatments and preventions for cancer and chronic infectious diseases.

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Stimulating the immune system has been demonstrated to be one of the most promising approaches to treating cancer and several debilitating and chronic infectious diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV.

PDS Biotechnology has developed a simple and synthetic nanoparticle technology known as Versamune™. This novel and superior cancer and vaccine nanotechnology platform is very effective in stimulating the immune system and training the immune system to recognize and fight the particular disease. To do so, a unique protein from the particular cancer type or virus is formulated and injected with Versamune™. In pre-clinical studies, very effective and superior treatment of advanced aggressive cancers with low doses of the Versamune™-based products has been demonstrated. The preclinical studies also demonstrated that the Versamune™-based products are exceptionally safe and well tolerated.

PDS Biotechnology is initially applying Versamune™ to the treatment of HPV- related cancers such as cervical cancer, oral cancer and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (pre-cervical cancer). The HPV cancer immunotherapy is currently being evaluated in human clinical trials at clinics within the US.